Submission Policies


  1. We prefer submissions by email to Sibelius or Finale files are accepted.  You may "snail mail" your composition, but it will be returned ONLY if you enclose a SASE.
  2. Submit no more than three pieces at a time.
  3. Include a recording of a performance of the piece if you have one. Or, make a midi from your Finale or Sibelius file.
  4. Pieces longer than 6 minutes in duration submitted from composers not already in our catalog will not be accepted for review.
  5. A short introduction of yourself and your musical experience is encouraged.
  6. Do not submit any pieces to more than one publisher at a time - no simultaneous submissions accepted.


  1. Sacred Music: Our catalog primarily reaches the more traditional and liturgical houses of worship, though we are open to submissions of a more contemporary nature
  2. Secular (Original or Arrangements): We are more likely to be interested if the arrangement is distinctive, new, creative, and the original song does not already appear in our catalog.
  3. If using a published (copyrighted) poem, include a copy of the original poem, data about the poet, and any royalty agreements you may have reached prior to submission.
  4. Foreign language texts (including Latin) must have a pronunciation guide and translation attached.
  5. Traditionally all new manuscripts are reviewed by our Editorial Board twice a year - in late November/early December and in late May/early June.


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