Licenses And Permissions

Do I Need A License?
Any time a copyrighted piece is reproduced, in whole or in part, that piece must be licensed. This includes Xerox copies, overheads, bulletin inserts, power Point, etc.
What Kind Of License Do I Need?
Print Licenses: allow you to make physical copies (Xerox, overheads, etc.).
Mechanical Licenses: allow you to record a copyrighted piece for CDs, tapes, etc.
Synchronization Licenses: allow you to create a visual/audio product (the DVD for a children’s musical, etc.).
How Much Will This Cost?
Standard print licenses are $1 per copy (except for handbell arrangements, which are $2 each) with a 20 unit minimum. Other restrictions and fees apply to anything other than a strict duplication.
Mechanical licenses are $0.091 per copyright with a 250 unit minimum.
Standard sync Licenses are $0.25 per copyright with a 100 unit minimum.
There is a processing fee of $10 on every license requested.
How Do I Pay?
We accept Visa and MasterCard.
How Will I Receive My License?
If you are requesting a custom license, you will receive your license, along with a receipt of payment, as an email attachment to the email address you provide.

 A Tour of the Licensing Page

1. Search for the product you wish to license.

2. Select the specific title from the drop down menu.

3. If the title was found, these fields will automatically fill in.  If your search was unsuccessful, manually enter the song information.

4. Indicate what type of license you are requesting.  The following field will show the minimum licensing units.

5. Type the copy amount you are requesting  (if it is more than the minimum).  The price per unit and the subtotal is displayed in the following fields.

6. If your project contains other copyrighted material, indicate how many titles are represented.

7. If your final project has a title or a primary artist,m type that here.

8. Indicate the due date for your final project and when you need the license.

9. This in an optional field for any questions or special instructions.

Click "Add This Selection" to place the title in your shopping cart.

10. This box indicates the pieces you have requested a license for.  To remove a title, simply click the red X.

11. Click "Checkout" to proceed to the payment options.


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