Pauline Michael Mills

Pauline Michael was born on October 13, 1898 in Portland, Indiana. Along with her parents, Otto and Ella Michael, she settled in Stockton, CA. Her mother, Ella was a musician and played the piano and organ. When Pauline's mother was unable to make it to a funeral service to play the organ, she sent Pauline, and that was her first experience of playing for the public. At age 12, she was filled with the Holy Spirit and received 3 gifts...the Word of Wisdom, a Shepherd's heart, and the gift of Music. She then became a pianist for local churches. Pauline played an organ at street meetings. She and her mother were very active in Street Meetings, and Missions. Her mother was very musical and has written several Sacred Songs. She has also written many poems.

In 1920, Pauline was healed by the prayers of Smith-Wigglesworth.

In 1915 she was married to Louis Mills. She had 6 children and lived in Stockton. In 1944 she moved to Los Angeles with her 3 younger daughters, and attended and graduated from L.I.F.E. Bible College with her son, Dick Mills, who was just out of the Air Force.

In 1940 she began to set the scriptures to music, 25 years before the body of Christ accepted them.

In 1975, she was ordained a minister in Los Angeles by L.I.F.E. Bible College. Pauline has ministered by song and speaking across the United States, Australia, and England.

Pauline felt that she was born before her time, because the Lord had given her the gift of writing music to scriptures long before it became received in the churches.

The way "Thou Art Worthy" came about was when Pauline was traveling with her son on an Evangelistic tour. He asked the congregation to send up their favorite scripture and that his mother would write music to the song before the service was over. She did not know that he was going to do this. By the end of the service, she had chosen the scripture from Rev. 4:11, "Thou Art Worthy" and the Lord gave her the music, and she sang it before the service was over. Later the Lord gave her the verse. This song is written in 16 languages.

At the age of 94, on December 18, 1991 she went to join the Heavenly Band.

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Thou Art Worhy - SATB (click title to purchase)
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Composer: Pauline Michael Mills Arranger: Kevin A. Memley Author/Lyricist: Pauline Michael Mills 

Season: General   Released: 2017   Difficulty: Easy
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Thou Art Worthy

Thou Art Worthy  - SATB (click title to purchase)
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Composer: Pauline Michael Mills Arranger: Fred Bock Author/Lyricist: Pauline Michael Mills 

Season: General   Difficulty: Medium   Scriptural Reference: Rev. 4:10,11

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