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Hungry I Come (With Let Us Break Bread Together) - BG2502
Hungry I Come (With Let Us Break Bread Together)

Released: 2007 Composer: Craig Curry 
Author/Lyricist: Craig Curry 
Voicing: SATB


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 This anthem merges Craig Curry's communion song with the spiritual, ?Let Us Break Bread Together.? Craig's song is easily learned, and the spiritual is already well established with choirs and congregations alike. You'll find this setting effectively melds contemporary and traditional musical elements together, and allows for the choir and the congregation to sing together.

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Hungry, I Come

Music by Craig Curry
Lyrics by Craig Curry
Arranged by Craig Curry

Historical background on this lyrics/music…

"Hungry, I Come" was originally written as a worship chorus for publication in "Seasons of Praise."

... [
A personal note from the composer/arranger…

I wrote "Hungry, I Come" to emphasize the individual need of every person to come to Jesus Christ. It is only by His mercy that we are able to come to Him, and in His mercy we are fed with the Bread of Life. In this arrangemen... [read more 4]

Musical things to consider in rehearsal…

In the section with Let Us Break Bread Together, rehearse the men and women parts separately so they each know how their individual melodies feel as independent lines. Then place them together, being sensitive to a good balance of equ... [read more 4]

Comments about using this piece in the context of worship…

This piece is appropriate for use before or during communion. The piece gives you a good chance to think creatively about how you do communion services. With the piece, think about options such as using a solo on the opening chorus standing ... [read more 4]