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Behold The Savior  - BG2035
Behold The Savior

Released: 1994 Composer: Craig Curry 
Author/Lyricist: Samuel Wesley 
Voicing: SATB

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 ''Behold Thy Savior,'' discusses the events surrounding the Lord's death. The solemn and legato nature of the piece helps to add a deeper emotional aspect to the already powerful text. It does not end in tragedy, however, the glory and triumph of the Lord is projected in the bold finale of the piece.

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Behold the Savior

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Arranged by Craig Curry

Historical background on this lyrics/music…

The tune for this arrangement is named DETROIT. It is not clear the reason for the name, but it is attributed to someone named "Bradshaw, 1820." The tune was found in the 1844 Sacred Harp, a well-known and influential collec... [read more 4]

A personal note from the composer/arranger…

I discovered an ancient choral arrangement of "Behold the Savior" in my church's choral library and was immediately struck by both the tune and text. I decided to try my hand at arranging the piece, and it has become a personal fav... [read more 4]

Musical things to consider in rehearsal…

There should be a strong emphasis to keep a flowing and legato musical line. Let the piece develop gradually and slowly, saving the largest climax for the end of the piece. Make sure that the canonic interweaving of the melody is brought out... [read more 4]

Comments about using this piece in the context of worship…

Since this arrangement is voiced for TTBB voicing, it might be a good idea to let a group of men lead a whole service with this piece incorporated, if appropriate. The text makes it very useful for use with communion or during Lent/Good Frid... [read more 4]